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Accent Training Guide® – Spiral-bound

Accent Training Guide® – Spiral-bound

Spiral bound copy of the Accent Training Guide PDF (audio must be purchased separately).


Please allow 2 weeks for processing and shipping. 


Learn the General American English dialect with the Polished Speech Accent Training Guide®, which contains over 8,000 practice words. Accompanying downloadable audio files are sold separately. The book is an excellent option for students who prefer to learn with a physical book and play accompanying audio files through iTunes or other music apps.  


This book contains:  

  • Brief screener of single words and connected speech to determine which sounds to practice 

  • All phonemes of General American English organized by traditional phonetic categories: stops, fricatives, affricates, liquids, glides, nasals, vowels, diphthongs.  

  • Common names and spellings for each sound 

  • Over 200 practice words per speech sound organized by position in a word (initial, medial, final) and phrases and sentences for each consonant sound.

  • Expert-level pronunciation tips for students who want even more fine-tuning 

  • Vocabulary-building word lists that include slang and colloquial phrases

  • Recommended study strategies 

  • A basic overview of word and sentence-level stress and intonation 

  • Glossary of technical terms 

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