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Training Options:

Personal or small group with trainer 
Learn an American English accent through private or small group sessions from an instructor who wants to help you achieve your unique goals, whether you want to learn a completely new American English accent, or target select vocabulary in specific situations. Improve your communication without losing your unique culture. Modify your accent and alleviate stressful situations of having to repeat yourself. I synthesize techniques from various approaches, including Mastering Effective English Communication and Compton P-ESL. I have worked with clients from Mexico, China, Ukraine, and the U.S., to name a few. Training is available online or in person at flexible hours designed to fit into your busy schedule. Materials are tailored to your specific needs. 


Public speaking preparation

Do you have a specific event you want to prepare for? We can work in person or online to practice for an event, or I can review your recorded speech and provide specific recommendations for a successful presentation. In addition to pronunciation, I'll also address stage presence, voice, and nonverbal mannerisms. Suggested applications include interviews, speeches, ceremonies, and religious services. 

Independent study
For individuals who want to work on their accent independently, I have created the Polished Speech Accent Training Guide, a downloadable PDF with accompanying audio files. This resource contains practice exercises at the word, phrase, and sentence level for all the phonemes (speech sounds) of the General American English dialect. 

Online materials will be available September 2022.

Please call or email for a free consultation to determine which services are best for you.


Accent Training services are available online to clients worldwide via a secure web-based platform.

In-person appointments are only available within the Greater Houston area.

An initial assessment is required to work with a trainer.  

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