Accent Training Guide – PDF

Accent Training Guide – PDF

Learn the General American English dialect or use it as a training resource, which contains over 8,000 practice words. Accompanying downloadable audio files are sold separately. The PDF is an excellent option for trainers who need a visual aid only during sessions, or for students who prefer to practice without being connected to WIFI and play accompanying audio files through iTunes or other music apps.  


The PDF contains:  

  • Brief screener of single words and connected speech to determine which sounds to practice 

  • All phonemes of General American English organized by traditional phonetic categories: stops, fricatives, affricates, liquids, glides, nasals, vowels, diphthongs.  

  • Common names and spellings for each sound 

  • Illustration of production for each sound 

  • Over 200 practice words per speech sound organized by position in a word (initial, medial, final) and with 5 phrases and 5 sentences for each sound.  

  • Expert-level pronunciation tips for students who want even more fine-tuning 

  • Vocabulary-building word lists that include slang and colloquial phrases, and are rarely repeated from sound to sound 

  • Recommended study strategies 

  • A basic overview of word and sentence-level stress and intonation 

  • Glossary of technical terms 


Please note: Downloads are licensed for individual use only. Trainers are licensed to use this onscreen as a teaching tool, but you must purchase a separate copy for your client for their independent use. Please see the licensing document for more information.