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Mother and Daughter

Intervention options:

My specialty is adult neurogenic disorders. I am a licensed SPEAK OUT!® provider and LSVT LOUD® certified clinician. For more information on SPEAK OUT!® and LSVT LOUD® click here: 

In-home or online intervention 

for speech, language, fluency, voice, and swallowing for adults of all ages.   

For all adult clients, I focus on integrating your interests and strengths into therapy and using them to meet your goals in expressive language, comprehension, motor speech, feeding, and swallowing. 


My services are also family-centered to include not only my client’s experience with their disorder, but also the effect it may have on interactions with other family members or caregivers. 


Sessions are online or in-person at your home or office. They are 45-60 minutes in length depending on your abilities and needs. As much as possible, I will use activities that you engage in daily to encourage carryover of therapy goals after the session has ended. 


During the session, I focus on targeting your needs as my client. Family/caregivers are welcome to observe techniques that they may use afterwards. At the end of each session we’ll discuss your progress, review goals, and address concerns or questions from you or your family/caregivers. 


Family/caregiver training (may not be covered by insurance) 


Family/caregiver training sessions are an opportunity to discuss areas of concern, troubleshoot common obstacles, and learn new techniques for improving interpersonal communication outside of the therapy session. This is a great option for family/caregivers who want additional help carrying over therapy goals or identifying and reducing communication breakdowns in their loved one’s home environment at a more-in depth level than is possible within a typical therapy session. 


This service is usually not covered by insurance when completed as a standalone session and differs from family counseling or psychotherapy with a licensed counselor.

*Speech therapy services are only available to Texas clients due to licensing requirements

*In-person appointments are only available within the Greater Houston area

Adult – Speech Therapy: Services
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